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Evidence based practice has become the norm in Health Care, but where do we get the evidence? PROCRNA.COM offers a variety of clinically relevant research studies to support your practice. Where possible, the work of CRNAs is featured. If you have unpublished research that you would like to have featured on PROCRNA.COM, use the guestbook to send a message and receive instructions for submitting your work. Click here to view research topics.

Clinical Forum

You have read the latest research and know the evidence. How do you put your new knowledge into practice? The PROCRNA.COM clinical forum provides a format for you to share your ideas and learn from your colleagues. Click here to read the topics and add your comments.

Equipment / Product Review

Do you have a new vendor in the lounge every time you go for a break? There are many different items available to accomplish the same task and all are touted to be the best. Which video scope is really the best? Which drugs actually have the fastest wake-up or least nausea? Click here to read product information and comments by your colleagues who have actually used the product.


We all are aware of the demands of the job. The long hours and high stress can take their toll. If we are provide the best possible care for our patients, we must also care for ourselves. We spend 20-30 working to secure our future and often give too little thought about maintaining health so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. PROCRNA.COM offers 3 original articles per month written by a certified fitness trainer. Click here to learn how to keep healthy in the midst of the demands of our job.

Chief CRNA

Chief CRNAs are constantly challenged with balancing the needs of the CRNA with the needs of the institution. PROCRNA.COM has developed an area with management related topics for current and future Chief CRNAs. Use the guestbook if you would like to join a growing network of Chief CRNAs and keep informed on Anesthesia related management issues. Click here to review management topics. Visit the Services page if you desire discussion or consultation regarding specific management challenges in your department.