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NBAThe NBA is a league of teams composed of individual superstars.  The ultimate champion is not always the team with the best superstars but rather the team that works best together sharing a vision and capitalizing on individual strength.  A leader with a vision and the ability to motivate is the difference between a being a good team and being the champion.
All too often in Healthcare, the frontline superstar provider is given leadership responsibility without any background or training in management.  Leadership development is essential for success.   
 Tom Davis has the knowledge and experience to help you develop your leadership skills…read more
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June 2016, NWAS Seminars, Arlington, VA
October 8, 2016, Maryland Association of Nurse Anesthetists
March 25, 2017, Alaska Association of Nurse Anesthetists
March 31,2017, West Virginia Association of Nurse Anesthetists
April 28,2017, Arkansas Association of Nurse Anesthetists

September 16-18, Arkansas Association of Nurse Anesthetists

October 9-11, 2017, Encore symposiums, Cape Cod, Maine

February  19-22 2018, Encore symposiums, Palm Springs, California

May 14-18 2018, Encore Symposiums, Hilton Head, SC

September 20-23 2018, Hilton Head SC, Northwest Anesthesia Seminars


Team Development

Small Group workshops:
Asset based thinking
Creating and sharing a vision 
Collaborative networking techniques
Identify strengths and  leadership style
Matching strengths and tasks

Team retreats:

Sharing your vision with the team
Learn from the front line workers
Co-create goals for the upcoming year
Enhance team engagement
Teambuilding exercises



“Tom is effective at delegating based on strengths but more importantly, he uses this skill to empower his staff.”   Marie DeFrancesco-Loukas, CRNA

Individual Leadership Development

In person training:

Define your vision for success
Develop effective communication techniques
Improve your image as a confident leader
Acquire skills to lead a meeting effectively
Create an attitude for success through empowerment
Leverage the strengths of others
“Tom is a highly experienced and effective manager of large CRNA group with a keen ability to  develop of leaders within the group and facilitate their integration into a team based anesthesia system”   Dr. Daniel Nyhan, Interim Chair, Anesthesiology/Critical care medicine, The Johns Hopkins.


I look forward to working with you individually or with your workgroup to increase both productivity and morale.

About Tom:  Tom Davis is a known and respected Nurse Anesthesia writer, speaker, and educator.
  • US Air Force Lt. Col (ret)
  • Former Chief CRNA, Scott & White Medical Center
  • Former Chief CRNA, The Johns Hopkins
With over 3 decades of experience both as a front line anesthesia provider and a healthcare leader, Tom is in a unique position to assist emerging leaders in their quest for excellence.    Read more…


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