Snack for the Long Run

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Snack for the Long Run By Liz Sanner Davis, Certified Personal Trainer   “Sugar and Salt, preferably together,” is the tantalizing message sent and received by a huge percentage of American snacks. Fifty or sixty years ago, coming home from school at 3:30 to a “snack” meant a glass of milk, an apple or a […]

Visualizing Fitness

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The See and the Saw Follow @procrnatom By Liz Davis, Certified Personal Trainer Sit on a park bench, plant your feet firmly, close your eyes and visualize this: You are energetic and tall, your core is solid, your muscles taut, your breathing is even and relaxed, you welcome the world with courage and confidence. Now […]

Making the Case for Fitness

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Follow @procrnatom Making the Case for Fitness By Liz Sanner Davis, Certified Personal Trainer Being fit for your job as a professional CRNA means you have fulfilled all of the requirements. You are educated, you are licensed and you are poised, CV on file and and needle in hand, to enter the operating theatre. But, […]

CRNA Wellness: Beverages are Making Us Fat

by admin on September 27, 2012 · 2 comments

Driven to Drink? The 6:30 a.m. drive-through line is long but the beverage baristas inside have got the gig down.  Take the order, take the money, write on the cup, hand it off and move’em forward.  Just across the overpass to our medical center, Starbucks customers line up bumper to bumper on their way to […]

Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Honolulu, Jackson Hole, San Antonio…there are some amazing destinations for anesthesia meetings right here in the USA. Most of the venues are places where there is a long list of thing s to see and do. And all of the destinations provide plenty of opportunities for you to stay active.   […]

CRNA Wellness: Heat and Hydration

by admin on June 15, 2012 · 3 comments

Some very important things come as pairings:  Your hair might be colored salt and pepper;  it frequently rains cats and dogs; the OR has its ups and downs;  Chez Paul offers wine and cheese.  And summer?  Summer pairs heat and hydration.  As the temperature soars along with the humidity, here are some things to help […]

CRNA Wellness: The fitness group

by admin on May 4, 2012 · 4 comments

  The Fitness Group – Not Just a Numbers Game There’s strength in numbers.  If you need proof, count the number of defensive players on the football field; observe the light produced by one streetlamp compared to a dozen; taste the difference between a chicken breast with one tablespoon of pepper and one teaspoon; shake […]

CRNA Wellness: Wake-up call

by admin on April 17, 2012 · 3 comments

My humorous Native American name for my younger daughter was Face In The Soup.    When she was tired, SHE WAS TIRED, and by the 6:00 p.m. dinner hour, her face went down on the table and it didn’t come up.  As a young mother, I learned quickly to make sure she had received all […]

CRNA Wellness: Nutrition

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Gary, Gary, quite contrary How does your garden grow? With onions, tomatoes, Vine-ripe sweet potatoes, And lima beans all in a row. April is the time to plan ‘n’ plant the garden.  The delightful thing about your garden is that it will provide a solitary escape after a 50-hour work week.  Or it will serve […]

CRNA Fitness: Decompress the stress

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PROCRNA asked me to mount the March podium on the issue of stress-reduction which would be nearly laughable…except for the fact that I have so much personal experience. So here it is, the Body Firm method to decompress the stress. Where do most of my clients turn for comfort during or after a tough day […]

CRNA Fitness: What goes Up, Must Come Down

March 9, 2012

What goes up when the rain comes down?  Answer:  Your weight.  If you thought the correct answer was “an umbrella,” then you probably heard it from your kids or grandkids.  March does bring rain, but even more than moisture, March brings a change of seasons.  And as the season changes, so do your fitness opportunities. […]

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CRNA Fitness: Circuit Training

February 14, 2012

  The Circuit Train Working out can be whole lot simpler when you know the drill!  If you need one day a week to “relax your mind” while actually getting your work-out, try circuit-training.  There are several good things about using an established circuit and here’s just one.  You can go get a member of […]

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CRNA Fitness: Calories Count

February 8, 2012

If you’re really serious about taking off those last ten pounds or just improving the way you eat, use a calorie log.   Daily calorie logs provide a source of personal accountability and  act as a learning tool.  Balancing calories IN and calories OUT will guide you to your goal. A calorie log should include what […]

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CRNA Fitness: Make the Most of Your Meeting

February 3, 2012

Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Honolulu, Jackson Hole, San Antonio…there are some amazing destinations for anesthesia meetings right here in the USA.  Most of the venues are places where there is a long list of thing s to see and do.  And all of the destinations  provide plenty of opportunities for you to stay active.   […]

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CRNA Fitness: Cardiovascular Exercise

January 20, 2012

Cardio is probably the most common form of structured exercise in America. In the 1960’s Dr Kenneth Cooper, the founder of The Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX, introduced aerobic exercise to the fitness world and made cardio a common household word.  Cooper soon after became crowned the “king of hearts.” Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise is […]

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CRNA Fitness: Procrna Fit-tips

January 11, 2012

Integrating healthy concepts into your life is like riding a tandem bike.  It takes two participants and a bicycle that works. To meet the challenge of getting in shape this month, be sure to integrate both sound nutrition (see January posting) and efficient exercise into a quality plan. Once you have tweaked or completely revamped […]

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CRNA Fitness: Nutrition

January 7, 2012

The Gas Range By Liz Sanner Davis Think of the food on your plate as Fuel.  Think of the container it comes in as the Gas-can.  And label the inside of your body as The Tank.  At every meal you must carry the fuel in a gas can and deliver it unpolluted to the tank […]

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CRNA Fitness: Selecting a Gym

December 30, 2011

Losing weight used to be numero uno on the News Year’s Resolution list but lately it’s given way to touchy, feely hopefulness charged with sentiment and inertia.  In spite of the second-place status, ‘lose weight’ is a list-maker that will open gym doors and sell overpriced clearance tights…for about three months.  Over 30% of the […]

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Keeping Hydrated

June 16, 2011

by SCOTT & WHITE STAFF on JUNE 13, 2011in HEALTH AND WELLNESS  Written By: Jenny Kidd, RD, LDThe Central Texas heat is well on its way so it’s that much more important to stay hydrated.  Water is crucial to physical health and makes up about 60% of body weight in adults and more in children. Body water balance is […]

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