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Have you been to a meeting lately? Was it a great experience or a waste of your valuable time and money? This is your opportunity to rate the meetings that you attend and review the ratings of others. Across the country, CRNAs tend to select meetings based on location, educational content or both. By sharing your views, you can make a difference. Use the form on this page to share your experiences, good and bad. Let your colleagues know which meetings are not to be missed and which to avoid. Hopefully your comments will be reviewed by both your colleagues and the meeting promoters. Together, we can improve the overall quality of continuing education and guide one another to only the top experiences.

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Use the form below to review a meeting that you have attended.  Tell us about the location, topics, strengths/weakness, and overall value for the money.  Would you recommend this meeting to your colleagues?

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CME Meeting Review

Use this form to tell us about a meeting you have attended.