Clean Machine for MH patients

by admin on October 6, 2011 · 22 comments

What do you do when you learn that your next patient is MH succeptible?  Do you have “clean machine” sitting in the store room or do you change the absorber, turn up the flows and let the machine air out?  Studies have shown that it can take over an hour of high flow to sufficiently reduce the residual gas in the machine to acceptable levels.  Vapor clean is a product which eliminates trace gases from the circuit immediately.

Prepare Any Anesthesia Machine for Susceptible Patients in Less than 60 Seconds

Newer anesthesia gas machines contain plastic and elastomeric components that absorb volatile anesthetics and then release residual vapor during subsequent anesthetic procedures.  The anesthesia gas machine requires high flows  and  a lengthy time period to remove most of the vapor  before the machine can be used for a patient that cannot tolerate breathing trace amounts of volatile anesthetic vapor.  The Vapor-Clean filters absorb the trace amounts of isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane so that anesthetic vapors do not reach the patient.

Placement of the Vapor-Clean filter canisters on the anesthesia machine allows the machine to be immediately vapor-free (less than 5 parts per million of vapor).

Click here to go to the manufacturer’s web site and review the product information.  If you have used this product or have any other information to share regarding safe administration of anesthesia to MH patients, leave a comment.